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Information on remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges

Q. What are the economics of recycling toner cartridges? How much can I save?

A. Depending on cartridge type, level of usage and how keenly you are currently buying new product, you should expect to save between one third and two thirds of the cost as well as the obvious spin-off environmental benefits.

Q. Will a remanufactured cartridge perform as well as a new original cartridge?



A. Yes, you can use with confidence. We guarantee for both quality & life.

Q. I have tried a recycled cartridge before, it didn't last as long / quality wasn't as good as a new one. Why should yours be any different?

A. There are different quality levels out there. You can after all "recycle" a cartridge by simply drilling a hole in it and putting in new toner - the old "driller and filler" syndrome. There is a whole spectrum between that standard and what is acceptable. Here are the main dodges with the problems they can cause, there are others: using the cartridge body too many times (wear, noise and leakage). Many cartridges sold as remanufactured may have endured three, four or more cycles and are in fact beyond reliable service. - putting the drum through too many cycles (imaging problems, "fuzzy" results) - using cheap "dirty" toner (most finishes in the waste hopper causing short life and possibly overflow leaks) . Some cartridges are very poor new build that are then sold as remanufactured. Failure rate is very high and quality poor. All our cartridges are first generation remanufactures i.e . Used only once before as new (except under exceptional circumstances of shortage). Oem drums also are first generation remanufacture and are closely scrutinised before re-use. We offer the alternative of a new long life drum on some of the most popular products.

Q. Does toner vary or is it all the same?

A. There are different grades and it is important to use the appropriate type. .

Q. What steps are taken to ensure that quality standards are maintained?

A. There are checks made at every stage of the manufacturing process and traceability is provided. Every cartridge we supply has a unique serial number and most are produced under a bs en iso 9002 (formerly bs5750) registered procedure. Where new parts are fitted such as long life drums, they are sourced only from recognised quality approved companies such as fujitsu, mitsubishi etc. The same exacting standards are specified for the high quality toner which is supplied check weighed to the original cartridge weight. This renders it virtually impossible to receive a "short measure". Furthermore, every single cartridge is print tested for performance prior to despatch.

Q. Do remanufactured cartridges supplied by reputable operators ever fail in service?

A. Of course they do, as do new original manufacturers toner cartridges. No product can be 100% perfect 100% of the time. However, the failure rate of the cartridge remanufactured in a factory environment with recognised quality standards is very low and comparable with that of the oem. The fact that traceability is provided has over a period helped to eliminate any repeat procedural problems. Most problems in fact are down to transit or handling damage.

Q. What if my printer supplier insists that i use original oem cartridges or else he will not service my printer ?

A. This was once a very common attitude among oem distributors who had their customer over a barrel paying high prices for original toner cartridges. Although we still meet examples of the scenario it has lessened with the massive growth and improved quality of the remanufactured product in recent years. Ask yourself, are you really prepared to let a dealer dictate to you, the customer, where you buy your consumables and at what price? Some dealers try to intimidate the user by saying that the use of a non-original cartridge will lead to the disqualification of printer warranty. To the best of our knowledge no printer manufacturer has invalidated a warranty or maintenance contract because of the use of a remanufactured product. To do so would be very dubious practice indeed. It would actually violate anti-trust laws in the USA. To quote Hewlett Packard: "The use of non-Hewlett Packard toner cartridges does not affect either the warranty or any maintenance contract purchased from HP". They go on to state, "however, if an HP Laserjet printer failure or printer damage is found to be directly attributable to the use of any non-HP product, the repair will not be covered under the warranty or HP maintenance contract" there is no reason to suppose that other manufacturers would take a different line. In the extremely unlikely event that one of our cartridges should damage your printer it would be covered by our product liability insurance. This is really only a fall back cover. In twenty years and many thousands of units it has never been necessary to make a claim. In practice the way in which a laser printer operates means that any damage likely to be caused by a defective cartridge is extremely limited and most afflictions, as with the original toner will be cured simply by swapping one toner for another.

Q. How extensive is the range of available remanufactured toner cartridges?

A. Together with the large variety of new compatible toner kits available for such makes as Oki, Mannesmann Tally, Panasonic, Kyocera BT fax etc, the remanufactured range covering such as Canon, HP, Epson, DEC, IBM/Lexmark, Samsung, etc. Is extensive enough to cover about 85% of the installed laser/copier/fax market. If your particular model is not listed in our price lists please contact us for a quotation as we can often help on old or obscure models either mono or colour.

Q. I refill my own toner cartridges. Can you provide the toner?

A. We carry toners for the HP/Canon engine printers for our own remanufacturing needs and we also offer these to users who wish to refill their own cartridges. They are listed under the appropriate machines as “bottled toner” and each bottle is one complete fill of the correct toner for that particular cartridge. Remember that the OPC drum will eventually become life expired.